Cyber Safe Family Featured on Local Morning Show, Great Day Houston

A few days ago, I made my 5 minute debut on our local morning show, Great Day Houston. It was quite an experience.

I am used to speaking in front of groups and although I get a little nervous, I am in control of the situation. If I “blank out” or can’t remember what to say, I can look at my slides.

But when you are on TV, it is a different story.

You have an idea of what the host will ask and an idea of points that need to be discussed.  But, you don’t have your notes, or slides when you get nervous and “blank out” or need a minute to formulate your answer.  You have to be quick and make your points.

All I can say is, I am glad me “debut” is over. I have now been featured as an Internet Safety Advocate on TV.

And… when they invite me back, I will be ready.  I will not be as nervous and I will make my points quickly.

If you would like to support my return to TV…

please head over to the KHOU link of my segment and let them know (in the comment section at KHOU) you would love to hear more on this topic  from Cammie Moise.

Practicing Internet Safety With Your Kids



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