Photo Booth on the Mac Helps You Get Creative and Have Fun With Pictures

cammiepbsketchA huge Apple fan, finally gets a MacBook!

I have been a fan of Apple for quite some time, but my hubby (IT guy) always seems to put it off.  Now that I am thinking about it, I understand his hesitation.  If one family member gets a Mac, then the others will soon be asking for one.  My daughter has already tried convincing us that she HAS to have one, because that is what they use at school.  In addition, she had one assignment that they were unable to sync and it had to be done on a Mac.  So, my sweet daughter gave me a choice. 

I could get up earlier Sleepy smile (she knows I am not a fan of that) and she could use one at the school OR I could just go ahead and buy a MacBook.  Based on the beginning of this post, you are probably thinking that sleep was too important and I shelled out the money to get 20 more minutes of sleep.  Although I did contemplate the idea of purchasing a MacBook, I choose took her to school early.


I had been saving up to buy one (MacBook) for myself and passing down my laptop to the kids.  In addition, I knew that if I chose to get one at that time, she would always think of it as “her” computer. 

The day finally arrived when I headed to my favorite Apple store, and instead of playing on their computers, I actually bought my own. 

Now, if I could only wave my magic wand and have everything set up instantly.

I am going through some tutorials and learning how to use some of the new programs.  I have to admit, I have enjoyed playing around with Photo Booth, especially when I can say “I’m working.” Really, I am.  Not only am I learning different formats for creating content, but I also consider this as research for CyberSafeFamily.  Educating families on the risks associated with the internet and digital devices requires that I learn how to use some of the latest technology. 

While I was learning how to use Photo Booth, I was reminded of my friend, Jenny at Jenny on the Spot.  One thing I love about Jenny is her personality.  She is very creative and has a great sense of humor.  Her videos seemed to set her apart as her personality was incorporated into her videos.  They are funny and entertaining.  I often find myself laughing out loud as I watch her videos.  She even began sharing her tips on how to have fun with photos and videos.  And as you will see in her video, she knows how to have fun!


Check out Jenny on the Spot’s video, “Photo Booth Fun”.  



As I was testing out Photo Booth and using the Thermal setting, I remembered Jenny’s video.  And although it was funny when she realized the wall was actually “hotter” than she is, it soon became very disturbing. 


Because that is when I realized that Jenny is “hotter” than I am… 



and the wall is “hotter” than she is.  So, where does that leave me?


FYI – If you notice that her video is not quite the same size as mine, it was not on purpose.  Remember, I am still learning!

Please stop by Jenny on the Spot where you will find more fun, laughter and some great videos.

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Cammie Moise

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