Top 10 Mistakes Kids Make Online

We all make mistakes, but an “online” mistake can have devastating consequences. These mistakes are public, available to the world “online”, possibly permanent and part of your “online reputation”.

One of my passions is to educate families on the advantages, opportunities and risks associated with today’s digital technology and the “online” world.

As an internet safety advocate, educator and parent, I know it is difficult to keep up with the latest technology. Fortunately, the internet provides me the opportunity to collaborate with a network of internet safety advocates and leaders.  We share ideas, solutions, research, policies and news to provide education and information that is passed on to you.

Our goal at CyberSafeFamily is to provide parents with the knowledge, tools and solutions needed to become a “Cyber Safe Family.” We keep you up to date on the latest technology and trends that impact today’s youth.  We provide tools to promote family discussions regarding technology and online safety.

Are you aware of the Top 10 mistakes kids make online?  Do your kids know how to avoid these mistakes?  Take some time this week during dinner and ask your kids if they can name any of the what they think the top 10 mistakes.  Follow up with how the mistakes are made and solutions to prevent them from making these mistakes.

The Top 10 Mistakes Kids Make Online are based on the results of our most recent “Cyber Safe Survey“.  Thank you to those that participated in this survey, including internet safety advocates, parents, students and teachers.

Top 10 Mistakes Kids Make Online

  1. Sharing Private Information
  2. Cyberbullying
  3. Accepting Friend Requests From Strangers
  4. Not Using Privacy Settings on Social Networks
  5. Allowing Location Access on Your Cell Phone
  6. Sharing Personal Videos/Pictures
  7. Pretending To Be Someone Else
  8. Sharing Accounts or Passwords
  9. Not Following Age Restrictions (COPPA)
  10. Believe They are Anonymous

Prior to a speaking event, I spend time researching the group or school’s “online reputation”.  This research involves “googling’ the name of the group or school and looking over the search results.  Then I head over to a few of my favorite social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz and search within their network site.

I see these mistakes over and over again, not only from kids, but adults as well.  If you want to share additional mistakes that will help kids stay safe online, please comment below.

Cammie Moise

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1 comment to Top 10 Mistakes Kids Make Online

  • My kids (especially my son) used to hate it, but when I finally allowed my kids to have an account on Facebook, I made them tell me how they knew each and every person that was their friend. It is important as parents to protect.